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Each custom pen is carefully made by hand on a lathe, is to exacting specifications.

Most pens start out as a piece of wood or acrylic that is about ¾”x ¾” x5 ½” long. Some as a small piece of a log, others from an antler.

The blank is then cut to the appropriate sizes to make the top and bottom of the pen.

Then a hole is drilled through each piece to glue in a brass tube. The brass tube is the foundation of the pen. Each of the metal parts of the pen is pressed into these tubes.

Once the tube and the blank have been squared to each other, the blanks are then placed on a lathe and turned to the appropriate shape, hand sanded, and a hand polished finish is applied and the pen assembled and tested

The finish on most of our pens consists of 8 to 12 coats of a special formula of CA glue (similar to super glue), it is then hand snded up to 12,000 grit and buffed to a high gloss finish that is long wearing.